Thursday, 17 July 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border

A Malaysian passenger airliner with 295 people on board crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border, Interfax cited an aviation industry source as saying on Thursday.

It said the Boeing plane was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. 

Source: Reuters

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

2014 World Cup: Yobo, Odemwingie, Joel Obi make 30-man squad – See full list

Super Eagles handler Stephen Keshi, has included the trio of Osaze Odemwingie, Joseph Yobo and Joel Obi, in his 30-man provisional squad for the 2014 World Cup.

The list was made public on Tuesday evening by Paul Bassey, who is a member of the Technical Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

All invited players are expected to report in camp on May 26, before Keshi compiles his final list of 23 players that will represent Nigeria in Brazil this summer.

See the full list below:

Goal Keepers – Vincent Enyeama, Austin Ejide, Chigozie Agbim (Gombe Utd), Daniel Akpeyi (Warri Wolves).

Defenders – Elderson Echiejile, Juwon Oshaniwa, Efe Ambrose, Godfrey Oboabona, Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves), Kenneth Omeruo, Joseph Yobo, Kunle Odunlami (Sunshine Stars).

Midfielders – John Mikel Obi, Ogenyi Onazi, Ramon Azeez, Ejike Uzoenyi (Rangers Int’l), Sunday Mba, Gabriel Rueben, Nosa Igiebor, Joel Obi, Michael Uchebo.

Attackers – Ahmed Musa, Shola Ameobi, Victor Moses, Emanuel Emenike, Victor Nsofor, Osaze Odemwingie, Michael Babatunde, Nnamdi Oduamadi, Nwofor Uche.

I am tired of having children, Annie needs me more — 2face

2face Idibia recently declared that he was tired of having babies and that he wants to concentrate on his marriage to Annie, the mother of his last two children.

According to the music star, it was time for him to give more time to his wife and ensure that the family gets the best of his attention as they continue to grow together.

He stated this last weekend at Gbenga Adeyinka’s Laffmatazz in Ibadan, after performing his hit tracks at the show.

While performing, he frequently used spiritual words like “receive it”, “take it” and when asked if the words he was saying on the stage ironically means that he was planning to have more children, he was quick to deny the insinuation with a declaration that he was done as far as having babies is concerned.

“I am tired of having babies. At this point in my life, I want to show my family all the love and support they deserve. I love my wife and there is not going to be anything like have babies outside wedlock.

All I need to do now is to show love to my family and friends who stood by me over the years”, he said.

I revealed those behind Boko Haram to Jonathan – Maharaj Ji

The Spiritual Leader of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has said that he had revealed the sponsors of the sect to President Goodluck Jonathan two years ago.

Guru who recently declared that both sponsors of the group and those behind the April 14 bombing at Nyanya Park in Abuja that claimed scores of lives would face repercussions of their action before the end of October.

In an interview with Daily Independent, the spiritualist said “I had told President Goodluck Jonathan those behind these nest of killers (Boko Haram) through several publications.”

“I have asked the President to arrest them before now because they said after the 2011 general elections that because power did not return to the North, they would make the nation ungovernable.

“The spirit of the creator is against them. They are going to be dealt with. I will call them to order in the interest of innocent Nigerians, enough of the bloodletting.

“If President Jonathan had listened to the advice I gave him two years ago when I was at Aso Rock, all the killings by Boko Haram would have stopped. After my visit to the villa, the bombings stopped but because those in government did not continue to tap from my spiritual grace, the bombers returned.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. As Living Perfect Master, I cannot be here and all these continue. I am challenging the Northern leaders to an open debate on a national television.

“Let them swear by the name of the Creator and all the seven elements of the earth that their actions were not the direct reflection of Boko Haram onslaught.”

Boko Haram: I warned Jonathan but he was lackadaisical – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, yesterday blamed the escalating activities of terrorists in the country on President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to Soyinka, the problem would have been over if Jonathan had sought international assistance long ago before the situation reached this height.

The literary doyen also blamed Jonathan for not heeding to his earlier warnings, and waking up to challenge the insurgency “very late and lackadaisically.”

He spoke on Tuesday during a global affairs interview television programme, Amanpour, on Cable News Network, monitored by our correspondent in Lagos.

Soyinka described the video released by the leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, as “gleeful obscenity” and called on the international community to intervene.

He said, “President Jonathan should have asked for it (assistance) from the very beginning. I don’t believe in false pride. The history of the movement to which Boko Haram belongs is one which is a menace to the entire world.

“This is a government which is not only in denial mentally but is in denial of certain obvious steps to take. It is the missing humanity that the problem will go away; an attitude that occurs in the subconscious.

“But, one thing is certain, the President and his government cannot sleep easily after what has happened to Nigeria. The era of denial and indifference has ended. The situation has now gone beyond the President and the solution must be internationalised.”

He decried the slow response of the Federal Government to the news of the abduction of the female pupils of the Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, Soyinka said, the development was “really agonising.”

“The government of the nation is in serious trouble. The person who has no excuse is the President of the nation. I’m calling now not on the nation but on the international community to take action. This is a global problem and the foothold is being very deeply entrenched in West Africa,” Soyinka added.

Source: Daily Post

Details Of Abducted Christian Girls That Are Being Raped In Sambisa Forest

It has been understandable how people reacted when Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, released the names of the abducted Chibok girls on Sunday. Of the 180 names released of the abducted girls in Book Haram Sect custody, only 15 are Muslims while a whooping 165 are Christians. This call for eye brows to be raised, expectedly.

*165 Christian Girls abducted by Boko Haram
*15 Muslim Girls abducted by Boko Haram

These are the Christian Girls: 1 Deborah ​Abge Chrstian 2. Awa ​Abge ” 3. Hauwa ​Yirma ” 4. Asabe ​Manu ” 5. Mwa ​Malam pogu ” 6. Patiant ​Dzakwa ” 7. Saraya ​Mal. Stover ” 8. Mary ​Dauda ” 9. Gloria ​Mainta ” 10.Hanatu ​Ishaku ” 11. Gloria ​Dama ” 12. Tabitha ​Pogu ” 13. Maifa ​Dama ” 14. Ruth ​kollo ” 15. Esther ​Usman ” 16 Awa ​James 17 Anthonia Yahonna 18 Kume ​Mutah 19 Aisha ​Ezekial ” 20 Nguba ​Buba ” 21 Kwanta ​Simon. 22 Kummai ​Aboku. 23 Esther ​Markus 24 Hana ​Stephen. 25. Rifkatu ​Amos 26 Rebecca ​Mallum 27.Blessing ​Abana. 28. Ladi ​Wadai 29. Tabitha ​Hyelampa. 30 Ruth ​Ngladar . 31 Safiya ​Abdu . 32 Na’omi ​Yahonna. 33 Solomi ​Titus . 34Rhoda ​John 35 Rebecca ​Kabu 36. Christy ​Yahi. 37. Rebecca ​Luka. 38. Laraba ​John 39 Saratu ​Markus. 40. Mary ​Usman. 41 Debora ​Yahonna. 42.Naomi ​Zakaria 43 Hanatu ​Musa 44. Hauwa ​Tella 45.Juliana ​Yakubu. 46. Suzana ​Yakubu 47.Saraya ​Paul. 48. Jummai ​Paul 49. Mary ​Sule 50. Jummai ​John. 51.Yanke ​Shittima. 52. Muli ​Waligam . 53. Fatima ​Tabji. 54. Eli ​Joseph. 55.Saratu ​Emmanuel. 56. Deborah Peter. 57.Rahila ​Bitrus. 58. Luggwa ​Sanda. 59. Kauna ​Lalai. 60. Lydia ​Emmar. 61.Laraba ​Maman. 62.Hauwa ​Isuwa. 63. Confort ​Habila. 64. Hauwa ​Abdu. 65. Hauwa ​Balti. 66.Yana ​Joshua. 67.Laraba ​Paul. 68.Saraya ​Amos. 69. Glory ​Yaga. 70. Na’omi ​Bitrus. 71. Godiya ​Bitrus. 72. Awa ​Bitrus. 73. Na’omi ​Luka. 74. Maryamu Lawan. 75. Tabitha ​Silas. 76. Mary ​Yahona. 77. Ladi ​Joel. 78. Rejoice ​Sanki. 79. Luggwa ​Samuel. 80.Comfort ​Amos. 81. Saraya ​Samuel. 82. Sicker ​Abdul. 83.Talata ​Daniel. 84. Rejoice ​Musa. 85Deborah ​Abari. 86. Salomi ​Pogu. 87.Mary ​Amor. 88. Ruth ​Joshua. 89Esther ​John. 90. Esther ​Ayuba. 91. Maryamu Yakubu. 91. Zara ​Ishaku. 93. Maryamu Wavi 94. Lydia ​Habila. 95. Laraba ​Yahonna. 96. Na’omi ​Bitrus. 97.Rahila ​Yahanna. 98. Ruth ​Lawan. 99. Ladi ​Paul. 100 Mary ​Paul. 101. Esther ​Joshua. 102. Helen ​Musa. 103. Margret Watsai. 104. Deborah Jafaru. 105. Filo ​Dauda. 106. Febi ​Haruna. 107.Ruth ​Ishaku. 108.Racheal Nkeki. 109. Rifkatu Soloman. 110.Mairama yahaya. 111.Saratu ​Dauda. 112.Jinkai ​Yama. 113.Margret Shettima. 114.Yana ​yidau. 115. Grace ​Paul. 116. Amina ​Ali. 117. Palmata Musa 118. Awagana Musa 119. Pindar ​Nuhu 120.Yana ​Pogu. 121. Saraya ​Musa 122. Hauwa ​Joseph. 123. Hauwa ​kwakwi. 125. Hauwa ​Musa. 126. Maryamu Musa. 127. Maimuna Usman. 128. Rebeca Joseph. 129.Liyatu ​Habitu. 130. Rifkatu Yakubu. 131. Naomi ​Philimon. 132.Deborah Abbas. 133. Ladi ​Ibrahim. 134. Asabe ​Ali 135. Maryamu Bulama. 136.Ruth ​Amos. 137.Mary ​Ali 138. Abigail Bukar 139 Deborah Amos 140. Saraya ​Yanga 141. Kauna ​Luka 142. Christiana Bitrus 143.Yana ​Bukar 144. Hauwa ​peter 145.Hadiza ​Yakubu. 146.Lydia ​Simon 147. Ruth ​Bitrus . 148.Mary ​Yakubu 149.Lugwa ​Mutah. 150 Muwa ​Daniel. 151 Hanatu ​Nuhu 152. Monica Enoch. 153. Margret Yama. 154.Docas ​yakubu. 155. Rhoda ​peter 156. Rifkatu Galang 157. Saratu ​Ayuba. 158. Naomi ​Adamu. 159. Hauwa ​Ishaya 160. Rahap ​Ibrahim 162. Deborah Soloman. 163Hauwa ​Mutah 164. Hauwa ​Takai. 165. Serah ​Samuel. Details Of Abducted Muslim Girls That Are Being Raped In Sambisa Forest

In Chibok Local Government in Borno state, 90% of the people there are Christians. That, accounts for majority of the girls abducted to be Christians!

But, Why did Boko Haram visit Chibok Local Government? Why didn’t they visit so many other Local Government Girls Secondary Schools in Borno State where we have more Muslims?

Source: Osun Defender Newspaper.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Congratulations! Gospel Singer Damita Haddon Ties The Knot And Donnie McClurkin Officiates

Damita Haddon jumped the broom. In an intimate and beautiful ceremony, Damita Haddon was swept off her feet in marital bliss with her happily ever after, professional photographer Reuben Chandler.

They pledged their love in the suburbs of Atlanta on Saturday, May 3rd before close friends and family members. Guests, celebrities, industry legends and some of today’s hottest artist all gathered to offer their blessings to the union. Internationally renowned Gospel legend and pastor Donnie McClurkin officiated the ceremony.

Pastor Donnie McClurkin spoke on this union being of new beginnings and “behold the former things has passed away.” Speaking so elegantly about Damita, while holding back his tears, McClurkin mentioned that the world has not seen the true depth of this amazing woman. “Damita is about to embark into another phase in her life and another level in ministry. The world should pay close attention to this woman because God is about to do some amazing things in her life”, exclaimed McClurkin.

Damita and Reuben first met 12 years ago while both serving at Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida. The two reconnected a little more than a year ago while Reuben, who resides in Alabama, was visiting Atlanta.

Damita was previously married to €€" preacher of L.A" star Deitrick Haddon. The couple quietly divorced in 2011

The Detroit-bred singer, who started out in a girl group called Adoration ‘N Prayze, said she has never been happier.

The Chandlers will reside in Atlanta.

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